Solitude Series I

/Solitude: In A Landscape / is a celebration of bucolic beauty within an urban oasis, yearning for comfort and the nostalgic pleasures of enjoying nature made in reaction to the chaos of 2020.  The past is presented in a series of photographs on diaphanous textiles ,offering a paused glimpse back in time. A personal collection of wind chimes  placed in the trees ,whirl the song of the wind, a resonance  to encourage visceral intuitive alignment .

“Pure expression of humanity reveals the delicate nature of life, the vulnerability of freedom and will to allow nostalgia to inspire abundant growth.
-Najee Wilson

This program is made possible by the New York City Artist Corps in partnership with Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, The Naval Cemetery Landscape, developed by BGI and opened to the public in 2016, is an award-winning 1.7-acre contemplative memorial landscape and pollinator habitat. The site was designed to provide local residents and other visitors with a respite from the stresses of urban life while adding vital open space and native plant habitat to a park-starved area of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (BGI) is a nonprofit organization committed to the development, establishment and long-term stewardship of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway – a 26-mile protected and landscaped route for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages and abilities that, when complete, will connect Brooklyn’s storied and iconic waterfront, parks and open space, commercial and cultural corridors, and new tech and innovation hubs for 2.65 million Brooklyn residents, over 1.1 million people who work in Brooklyn, and more than 15 million annual visitors from across the City and around the world.

Film (Background). Solitude: In A Landscape, Part III,On The Rocks Runtime 6 mins, 1080p

Experience the Virtual Tour for Solitude:In A Landscape on view via Youtube

Solitude: In A Landscape, On Exhibition August 26- September 2, 2021. Presented in partnership with The Naval Cemetery Landscape and Brooklyn Greenway Initiative.