Rare Editions 

Offers an up close view of various book binding projects, handcrafted rare editions By Najee_

Solitude: In A Landscape (2 examples), Protoype, 5.5”h x 4.5”w x 1”d, Cotton Rag Paper 65lbs, Inkjet Pigment, Cardboard, Linen Fabric and Archival Glue. September 2023

Celebrating the 5 year (2024) Anniversary of the Film Solitude: In A Landscape This Drum Leaf Bound Prototype offers an in-depth view of Solitude in the form of a book.

This project was created in responce to the upheval of 2020, a personal reminder to acknowledge the beauty of the present. the artist inhabiting and exploring the space, and also reframing it both in terms of personal point of view and also the passage of time.

The  2020 video piece, “Solitude: In A Landscape” (54m) by Najee Wilson is a celebration of bucolic beauty within an urban oasis, yearning for comfort and the nostalgic pleasures of enjoying nature.

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Printed Exhibit Guide Pamphlet, Recycled Kraft Paper, Inkjet Pigment, 2024 11”h x 4.5” w 

Clouds, Atmosphere and Light Phenomenon 2021-2023, 3rd Edition, 5 copies made. (SOLD OUT)

The Third of Five editions created.

5.5”h x 4.5”w x 1 1/4”d, Inkjet Print on Recycled Kraft and Colored Paper, Cardbord,Archival Glue ,2021-2023

a three year long project of documenting various ubiquitous and rare cloud and light phenomena as seen by Najee_ 

Launched with  Grace Issues, Black Zine Fair 2024, PowerHouse, Goawnus Brooklyn New York

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Edition Five In Progress 

Mantra Books, Various Examples and Dimensions

Recycled Paper, Cardboard, Fabric Cover, Archival Glue.

The words we use have a powerful ability to manifest our reality.  Mindfully create and manifest in your Mantra Book, a deconstructed approach to  the creation of Drum leaf bound books  handmade by Najee Wilson.

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Zines and Ephemera