Oak & Palm Movement

About Najee Wilson (Najee_) is a Multidisciplinary Artist and 200 hr certified yoga practitioner, whose insights are rooted in Ashtanga, Rocket, and Iyengar philosophy. He came to the mat for the first time in 2013, inspired to build strength from the inside out after a transformative weight loss. This was the catalyst for the cultivation of intentional growth through meditative movement. As a student of the practice, he is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom his teachers have shared. His /Sādhanā/ consists of philosophy, body positivity, yoga, pranayama, sound and chakra alignment asana practice. His sequencing for classes is improvisational, dynamic, and most of all playful in nature. Always finding moments to impart gratitude, joy, mindfulness, and intuitive movement in each session.Najee is inspired to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind, and soul with yoga, hoping that you step off the mat feeling invigorated, nourished, and balanced. Asé.

Najee Wilson is a Sound practitioner from Charleston South Carolina, based in Brooklyn NY. who specializes in percussion, ancestral frequencies inspire experimental improvisational soundscapes and arrangements. Najee_ believes in the power of sound to facilitate transformative healing experiences . Often utilizing many different percussion techniques and a range of vibratory instruments to free the mind and body from stress and create moments of inner peace and balance.


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Root To Rise  Weekly Live Virtual Practice- Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:30AM  Register for Class via Union Fit


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